life story, with some missing parts........I still need to edit this......

Well, I'm born and raised in the Inland Empire. I started djing in the late 80's doing pause mixtapes with my friends Martin and Robert. I got a little more serious, so I pulled my Dads turntable in the mix. Martin had one already, so then we had a set. I got a Realistic mixer with no fader from Radio Shack, and it just went from there.My other friend Xavier started rappin and I was spinnin, my first group. My first party was with his family. I started playing Hip hop and Funk. I got into Disco, Electro Funk, House, Techno, Soul, R&B, Rock, and Reggae. I was doing a lot of house parties so my selection was pretty broad. I started hooking up with local dj's such as Rudy E, Gilly Gil, Frase and a couple of others I'm tring to remember. I hooked up with Bill Fold and started doing a Techno club with Vitamin D. I also did the Hip Hop night at the same club on occasion(Attitudes in Riverside, I was DJ Lesto). Most of my djing was in my homie Xaviers garage while they rapped and breaked. That's when I finally got my 1200's and a good mixer. Then a couple of years later I started producing with a Akai S-612 sampler and two tape decks. Bill Fold had me doing everything from Disco Clubs, Rock shows, and Raves. Hip Hop was my main focus so I stepped away for a while and started doing open mics in the mind 90's.

We always went to LA to check out Unity and house clubs, thats when we came acrossed Foundation. We peeped it out and it had a dope vibe. Solar and Jorge where running the show in Pomona, they were cool so I got down with Foundation. I was also a regular at the LA Foundation, it was the second time I spun in LA(word to Dwenz) They both moved out of the area and I took over. We made some moves and it blew up. I met Seefor, BRGR, Poseyedon, and Chapstick there and we formed a crew called the Traveling Circus. We did a lot of shows together and we still work together on occasion.

I hooked up with Amad Jamal and his brother Ian, Ian connected me with bill Proctor who ran the local record pool, so I joined. Ian was doing AM radio, I did a few shows with Ian and Manifesto, then I met B-Boy thru Bill. He wanted a mixshow Dj for his college radio show, I said word. The Ghetto Blasta Show was on from 1997 till about 2003 a think. Then I hooked back up with Bill Fold, he was doing a club at Incahoots in Riverside, so I held down the patio for the Emcee's and dancers. Then my friend Brandon was working at the Glass House in Pomona, he knew I was doing a open mic out there so he hired me to Dj between sets at the shows. I played along side, Kool Kieth, BEP, Blackalicious, Talib Kewli, Common, Souls of Mischief, X-ecutioners, and a couple of others.

I was a regular at Fat Beats, I met C-los, gave him some mixed tapes, and later that year I was DJing at Elements. That was going good so he asked me to work at Fat Beats. From there I met Mark Luv, who hooked me up to DJ for Supernatural at Freestyle Session 6. Supernat called me back for Coachella 2001. Things just opened up for me. I did production and cuts for Sup the Chemist, plus a series of mix cd's. C-los helped open up Stacks and he asked me to work there, I said word! Mark Luv started working there too, we started doing Sessions(a dope weekly concert series) I did some more production for Sup, konfident, and Sach.

I made more mixed cd's, put out 3 Scratch Records, and started DJing for the Procussions. After that things got busy on the home front, so i backed away from DJing and focused more on Stacks and producing. I opened my own store in 2005, Stacks Vinyl Ontario. I Did more studio work with Ken Beats, mixing, mastering, and production. I Started doing More Fire with Red Beef and Juice and that just went out of control(and still is, thank you my brothers, plus over 20 Reggae mix Cds). I closed the store and moved back to Moreno Valley.

In late 2009, I moved to Pomona and built a recording Studio in an Artist loft. I started working with Afta-1, Speak, Pheo, Nikko Gray, EastofLA, J.Bizness, and a few others. I also expanded into providing live sound, along with DJing at The High Point, The Fly Ball, Beat Cinema, and More Fire Monthly. Living in Pomona, I reunited with the Lapa Lounge crew to do Re:Fresh on 2nd & 4th Saturdays at DBA. I also had the opportunity to DJ at Coachella again in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, & 2015. In 2014 DJ Gadget and I started a Reggae night called One Drop Pomona. more to come......... Im very grateful for my opportunities and looking forward to more.

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